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© 2019 by Dead Parade

Dead Parade

alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois

Through Graveyards And Ghost Towns is out now!!!

Stream the new singles here!:

Who Am I Kidding? - Dead Parade
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Otherwise - Dead Parade
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All We Want - Dead Parade
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November 10, 2019

You can stream/download the song from our BandCamp store here:

July 8, 2019

Here's the lesson for "Got Me Wrong".

July 2, 2019

Hit us up if you would like one!

July 2, 2019

You can buy a physical copy of our debut EP from our BandCamp site while supplies last!:

July 2, 2019

Download or stream Through Graveyards And Ghost Towns on your favorite site - Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, and more!

July 2, 2019

Matt details all of the guitar parts to this classic from Metallica's Black Album. Check it out!

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